HackYeah is about to start and here is everything you need to know!

FIRST OF ALL – we are waiting for you at Tauron Arena, Cracow. It will be AWSOME meet each other in person!

SECONDLY – are you guys on Discord? No?? You have to be or you will miss it all! Log in now as the entire communication is happening right there and right now! Find your teams, get to know mentors. Remember to use your team name as a prefix (for example TEAM123_lemur)


Set your map on Tauron Arena, how to get there:

– by public transportation: set your map on Tauron Arena Kraków.
– by car: parking at Tauron Arena will be available 24/7 for 10 PLN for the entire event, paid in advance by cash on the entrance. Please NOTE – payment at each entry. If you leave the parking lot and want to return, you will pay 10 PLN again!


  • The registration starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday. Make sure to come not later than 11.00 AM, or you will be late for detailed task introductions! (and the best spots for coding will be already taken :D).
  • On Saturday, from 11:00 AM – welcoming, rules explanation, task introductions, plenty of attractions from our awesome partners!
  • Saturday at 12:00 PM – the madness begins – coding starts!
  • After 12:00 PM pizza, beer, some great presentations, webinars and competitions with awesome prizes will be available.


SSID: HackYeah2022
Hasło: ConnectWithLemurs


  • We have 760 000 PLN in a prize pool! You will have 24 hours to work on the chosen task.
  • ChallengeRocket – this is the platform where the judges will evaluate your projects. Add your teams by 8:00 PM on Saturday and upload final projects by the 12:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Already have a team? Please note: only 1 person from the team should be registered here and fill in the form to upload your innovative project for mentors/jury evaluation.
  • DISCORD – our main communication channel is Discord. Join us if you don’t want to miss the most critical information. IMPORTANT: We have prepared a channel on Discord where you can find friends to team, so if you don’t have a squad, be sure to check it out!
  • Mentors – will be at your disposal throughout the event! If you need support, you can ask them for help. Fastest way to contact them? Go to the MENTORS VILLAGE or contact them on DISCORD.
  • Open tasks Less Waste & IoT – first time evaluated by the audience (after the pitching session)! So make sure that all of you Folks stay with us till the very end TO VOTE for the best solution as every second person voting will get a prize (HackYeah 2023 basic tickets and some HOT MEALS tickets).


  • Important: in the stadium will be 19 degrees (as this is optimal working environment) so please make sure you take some warm clothes with you. We will try to keep you warm! 🙂
  • You won’t code hungry! You can take your food with you but please remember we prepared for you COFFEE BREAK ZONE and a lot of pizza. Plus there will be a food court available to buy all the time.
  • INFO for ATTENDEE WITH HOT MEAL TICKETS: you will receive 3 food vouchers upon registration. You can use them at any time of the event, until Sunday at 5:00 PM. Coupons can be exchanged for delicacies at the food court in Tauron Arena and in foodtracks located around the stadium.
  • Conference? Yaaas! 2 tracks to feed you some wisdom. Chceck the agenda HERE.
  • PROIDEA STAND AND CHILLOUT ZONE – still looking for a team? Come here! From 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM there will be TEAM BUILDING ZONE and we will try our best to help you find your teammates. Do you need help? Come to this zone also! You can get there all the information you need. Moreover, there will be fun, competition and something to warm you up.
  • After party and also meeting with Json from HRejterzy will be at 8:00 PM at MAŁA HALA! You will have the opportunity to move your hip a bit and drink a beer.
  • Power nap? We got U! There will be a space to sleep and shower. We have some mattresses (first come, first served) but make sure you have your own sleeping bag.