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1st place Deviniti – HowRU?

Project description: Mental disorders are an increasingly serious problem, by 2030 depression will be the most common illness in the world, according to the WHO 50% of mental illness begins by age 14, and three-quarters begins by age 24. Most of which aren’t diagnosed till late adulthood.

With those staggering statistics in mind we decided to create something that would really make a difference. Our aim was not only to take action but to act as early as possible.

We created an innovative system which supports early mental issues detection. There are many user segments that could take advantage of it, but we chose schools as the early adopters.

Our solution engages self-assessment, video emotion recognition, speech analysis and with the use of AI and machine learning it flags unusual behaviors and generates alerts for the supervisor or school psychologist.

Data is collected via video conferencing tool (such as Gmeet, Microsoft Teams etc) plug-in, whereas psychologist uses application to receive the data in real time Threats are easily detected and can be acted upon immediately. Psychologists, teachers and parents now have a perfect tool that can support a proper diagnosis.

With deep learning and machine learning on board HowRU? is not only smart and much more precise than the human eye but it simply can’t be lied to!


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1st place DuDevs

Project description: Our game „sKumaj kod” poses programming challenges for the user. In the game, you control the frog by setting blocks with functions in the right order and configuration. The game offers different types of blocks, jump in a given direction, „shot” with the tongue in a given direction, loops, or conditions, and others. The player’s task is to reach the lily on which the princess stands to kiss her and feel eternal love. Unfortunately, the way to it is not easy, because the path is built of different types of blocks that can make this task difficult for the player. The game has a system of rating the player’s actions, rewarding him with a maximum of five stars per level. Each challenge has many possible solutions, which makes the player feel encouraged to discover newer, more optimal solutions. The game is designed for people of all ages, although due to the low level of difficulty and eye-friendly graphics, children will especially like this title.


supported by Ministerstwo Finansów

1st place YaguTeam – YaguTeam Opener

Project description: Our solution for the task is a web application using modern technologies: React.js and Laravel Framework. It does not require you to install anything on the computer of the KAS employee and does not use external services (except for signature verification) to ensure data security. The most important function of the application:

  • Possibility to test with sample files (for HackYeah)
  • Upload files by the user (via a user-friendly interface)
  • Recognition of multiple file formats, even when the file has an incorrect extension (based on internal structure)
  • Verify your electronic signature and view details
  • Anonymization of PDF files (locally, without external services)
  • Visualization of XML files
  • Extract binary elements from XML
  • File verification report
  • Date of signature
  • Document name
  • Size
  • Data on electronic signatures
  • Format compatibility with extension with both extension and actual format
  • Indicate the name of the application that hosts the file with the extension.

A list of binary elements that contain links to download attached files. We also decided to create a prototype API that can be used by other applications in the KAS arsenal in the future. On the you can see the process of uploading the file, then sending the requested operation (in this case, as a test, reading the MIME value), and then reading the result of the operation, after processing it asynchronously, using queues. This will allow you to scale the application for multiple employees at once.


supported by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

1st place BARDS.AI

Project description: Krajowy Rejestr Rozwoju is an application that, using intelligent scraping and matching tools, allows you to easily and legibly find information about co-financing and other assistance for entrepreneurs and public institutions.


supported by BIK HUB

1st place Wesołe Gradienty

The created solution finds features on the BIK open API platform, based on the natural language processing algorithm. Information about sophisticated features allows real estate offices to create a personalized offer for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

The technical execution consists of intelligent searching for which features from the rich BIK Open API platform will be the most informative for a given type of company and using this information (after asking for specific values of these features) in ranking the offers available in the real estate agency. The application backend responsible for combining the enterprise description with potentially interesting columns of BIK databases was written in the Python programming language using the Flask library. The application uses a small database created for poC purposes containing just over 60 features and their values for 7 locations.

The mobile application was written in Flutter technology, and its main purpose is to be used on tablets. It communicates with our API by sending the filter values and text entered by the user. In response, he receives a list of features whose significance can be manually specified by the user. The sorted list of properties presented to the agent allows you to create a tailored offer for the client.

An additional advantage is the possibility of conducting a virtual walk around selected properties, using VR technology. Technically, it is possible to dump 3D from VR to the 2D option on a tablet, so it will be possible to take a virtual walk and see the premises there.


supported by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

1st place kraken_team

Mudi Foodie is your go-to platform for all things pet. It implements a local market which can be used for sharing food and accessories that would normally go to waste. It also helps you find available services like groomers, behaviorists and vets. You can browse local pet shelters and organizations in case you want to support them by volunteering or donating. The companies and NGOs may register on the site and upload content themselves. Users can see which entities have been verified by the site staff and are legitimate – e.g. for shelters this would mean that the pets receive adequate care. The app benefits pet owners, companies and NGOs by connecting them in a singular hub.


supported by UKNF

1st place SoftwareMill

Reporting solution for KNF and banks to ensure mutual communication, data integrity, privacy and transparency in Hyperledger Fabric. Bank organizations can send reports, saved on private data collections, KNF can approve or reject those reports. Solution includes carefully designed and runnable network topology, dedicated user interfaces, Blockchain Explorer, Prometheus and Grafana.


supported by Instytut Pamięci Narodowej

1st place Bards AI

IPN hub – the center already operating connecting all the websites of the Institute of National Remembrance in one comprehensive search engine. It allows you to search for articles, documents, graphics, and videos. Supports synonyms, abbreviations, and inflections. Searching is quick. Adding more sources is easy. The interface is modern and clear. Searching the IPN collections has never been so easy!


supported by Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu

1st place YAI

Here is a very simplified view of the problem for one of the basic scenarios. On the right there are hydrogen powered machines. They can run on different days of the week, at different times of the day. There is one rule: you can’t run out of hydrogen for them! To refuel the vehicles, hydrogen is shipped long distances, resulting in a partial loss of hydrogen. This hydrogen comes from a tank with a predetermined maximum capacity. But do you need one that big? Maybe a smaller and cheaper one would be sufficient? The tank is recharged by an electrolyzer, which can also have varying power and must deliver the correct amount of fuel. To do this, it must be powered by power plants located at different distances from the base. The power plants can be wind or photovoltaic. Some work more efficiently during the day, some at night. Some in the summer, some in the winter. They are expensive to build, and only as many as necessary need to be built. The task is to select components in such a way as to ensure the lowest cost of building and operating the infrastructure. We have presented only a few parameters, in reality there are tens of them.

Congratulations to the winners!